Reason #5 – That I joined Jamberry Nails – I love this product!

I had to have a product that I had a passion for.

a lot of nails 2

I love great nails.


I love having over 350 product to choose from.

a lot of nails 5

I love that I can mix and match my nail patterns.

a lot of nails 4

I love that my nails will be healthy and not covered with chemicals going into my body.

I love that I can do my nails myself in less than 20 minutes.

mix and match 2

I love Jamberry Nails.


Reason #4 – Affordable!

I wanted a company that I could afford!  Many times people say they want to start a business!  As they look into franchises, direct sales companies, or starting up a small business, the expense of it overwhelms them!

4 reasons Jamberry Nails business is AFFORDABLE!

1. Jamberry Nails initial sign up costs under $100!

Starter Kit

2. No inventory needs to be paid for up front!

You can do all your sales through orders – either people can go to your website and order or they can place an order through you and you can order what has already been sold!

3. You do not have to wait to sell to get paid.

You get paid 30% of all you order on a regular basis!

4, You can afford to buy a small amount of inventory that you can carry in your purse!

If you order just ten of your favorite wraps, you can slip them into a small photo book or coupon book and carry them with you and sell them on the spot!

All very affordable!

Contact me at / subject line – Information on becoming a consultant!

Or go to my website and sign up now – start working on your points for your all paid trip to Hawaii!

It would be my pleasure to facilitate your success in this business!

Reason #3 – Why I Joined Jamberry Nails

I won’t lie – first and foremost I was looking for a solution to my nail problem.

I wanted beautiful nails.


Nails that lasted a long time.

Nails that weren’t full of chemicals.

Nails that were fun.

1 Halloween Nails

I knew Gel Nails were ruining my nails, putting chemicals in my body, but were beautiful and lasted a long time.

2 / 4

I found some wraps by other companies that weren’t full of chemicals, were fun, but didn’t last a long time and weren’t that beautiful


When I tried Jamberry Nails, I hit the jackpot – beautiful, fun, no chemicals, lasted over 14 days.

 Bam!  4/4.



Why I Choose Jamberry Nails – Reason #1

1.  I love direct sales companies!

Direct Sales Companies 13

Five Reasons

     1.  You can build great, enduring wealth.

Direct Sales Companies 6

     2.  You have access to excellent products, promotional materials, and training for a fraction of the cost of starting a business.

direct Sales Companies

     3.  You have a network of people who profit by helping you succeed.

Direct Sales Companies 4

     4.  You can recruit hundreds of people all over the country and literally change their financial situation and quality of life drastically.

Direct Sales Companies 2

     5.   You can find a product that you have passion for and sell with conviction.

Direct Sales Companies 7

Come join my team – your success will be my priority.  Check out our products at


Are Gel Nails Ok?

Christmas Nail Art 1

        Before I got addicted to Jamberry Nails, I had gel nails.  I loved how long they lasted, but knew the chemicals and the UV rays were not good for me.  Here is what I learned from experts :

“I have seen several clients with thinning, cracked, uneven nails from gel manicures. Gel manicures have been shown to make nails brittle and up to 50% thinner, at least temporarily. This is likely due to the acetone used to remove the gel. Reserve gel nails for a special event or long vacation when you want your manicure to really last.”

Santa Clause Is Coming To town

Santa Clause Is Coming To Town!

Not to say that is 100% for everyone, but it was for me.  So of course I am so glad I found Jamberry Nails!  I get nails that last two weeks and are not bad for me.  Go see these fantastic nails at

Christmas Gifts for Under $12 – Open House Saturday!

These nails could be yours!

If you are short a gift or two come by our Open House Saturday and buy a package or two of Jamberry Nail wraps!  If you buy 3 you get 1 free!  That way you can get four gifts for less than $12 EACH!

TiTis the season for Festive Nails

Come by 251 Leland between 9:30 and 12!  If you are just curious, we will be glad to put a free sample on you – then you’ll be hooked and never pay more than $3 for a manicure or pedicure again!

Christmas Wraps

Visit and order 4 for the price of 3!  Those 4 sheets will provide 8 manicures and 8 pedicures plus 8 accent nails!


Comment below if you have questions or email me at!   I am looking for a new consultant to train as well, so email me about that too!