Are Gel Nails Ok?

Christmas Nail Art 1

        Before I got addicted to Jamberry Nails, I had gel nails.  I loved how long they lasted, but knew the chemicals and the UV rays were not good for me.  Here is what I learned from experts :

“I have seen several clients with thinning, cracked, uneven nails from gel manicures. Gel manicures have been shown to make nails brittle and up to 50% thinner, at least temporarily. This is likely due to the acetone used to remove the gel. Reserve gel nails for a special event or long vacation when you want your manicure to really last.”

Santa Clause Is Coming To town

Santa Clause Is Coming To Town!

Not to say that is 100% for everyone, but it was for me.  So of course I am so glad I found Jamberry Nails!  I get nails that last two weeks and are not bad for me.  Go see these fantastic nails at


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