Reason #4 – Affordable!

I wanted a company that I could afford!  Many times people say they want to start a business!  As they look into franchises, direct sales companies, or starting up a small business, the expense of it overwhelms them!

4 reasons Jamberry Nails business is AFFORDABLE!

1. Jamberry Nails initial sign up costs under $100!

Starter Kit

2. No inventory needs to be paid for up front!

You can do all your sales through orders – either people can go to your website and order or they can place an order through you and you can order what has already been sold!

3. You do not have to wait to sell to get paid.

You get paid 30% of all you order on a regular basis!

4, You can afford to buy a small amount of inventory that you can carry in your purse!

If you order just ten of your favorite wraps, you can slip them into a small photo book or coupon book and carry them with you and sell them on the spot!

All very affordable!

Contact me at / subject line – Information on becoming a consultant!

Or go to my website and sign up now – start working on your points for your all paid trip to Hawaii!

It would be my pleasure to facilitate your success in this business!


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